Happiness Over Everything

by Rhode Belizaire


My name is Rhode, and I am the host of the Happiness Over Everything Podcast.

What does Happiness Over Everything mean?

Happiness Over Everything means that YOU matter. Your needs, your wants, and your feelings are valid! It’s okay to put yourself before others, and it’s okay to make mistakes. You just have to keep growing.
And that is my mission. To help others learn, grow, and blossom into the person they were meant to be. Into the person, they WANT to be.
On the Happiness Over Everything Podcast, we discuss everything from self-love, to career goals, to romantic relationships.

Why should you listen?

Yes, it’s true—you can go your entire life without ever listening to my podcast. But the candid, vulnerable talks we have are unique because I don’t hide myself. I openly share my life in an effort to make sure you know that you aren’t alone. And you aren’t. I often invite others to join in on the discussion, too. For life advice and mental health chats, click here now.
Rhode Belizaire

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Tune Into The Podcast

This is the podcast that started it all! I started the Happiness Over Everything Podcast because I want people to understand that their happiness matters. You should never feel like you’re doing anything wrong for choosing to be happy. Or for putting yourself first. Click the button below to tune into the latest episode! 

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